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by Marijana

5 ½ films & TV shows that were shot in Croatia

Did you ever think of Croatia as a small country, but a huge movie studio? Due to its cultural richness, well-preserved historic monuments and natural diversity with unbelievable landscape, it’s perfect playground for movie producers. Keep reading so you can relive your favorite movie scenes on your next trip to Croatia!


Game of Thrones

This popular HBO blockbuster set imperial ancient Split and mediaeval walled Dubrovnik on Hollywood’s shining sky. The mighty Meereen is hiding at the top of the Klis fortress above Split and in the mystical substructures of Diocletian’s Palace. Further down south, in Dubrovnik region, lies the real treat. Get lost in the wonders of Dubrovnik aka King’s Landing – the Renaissance gardens of Trsteno near Dubrovnik are used as King’s Landing’s gardens; Lovrijenac fortress reveals the magnificent Blackwater bay and Lokrum Island hides the House of the Undying and city of Qarth. Like Emilia Clarke said: “Food, culture, people…we are absolutely spoiled!”


Robin Hood (2018)

Again, is there a better place in the world that mirrors the mediaeval Nottingham than the frozen-in-time Dubrovnik? Leonardo DiCaprio as the executive producer transformed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” into charming backstage for timeless romance. Jamie Foxx was amazed by hospitality and beauty but what left him breathless was “drinking champagne in a castle”, referring to one of Dubrovnik’s magnificent villas where he was lucky to stay.  


Winnetou (1960s)

The best thing about filming locations of Karl May’s novel is that there are no special effects – immerse yourself into untouched Paklenica Mountain, one-of-a-kind Plitvice Lakes, extraordinary Krka Waterfalls, stunning Zrmanja River canyon… An exciting mixture of high peaks with stunning views, deep gorges and pine forests was chosen among many locations worldwide to play the Indian Apache homeland.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

After a GoT fantasy and knights from Robin Hood, can you imagine stormtroopers and jedis walking down Dubrovnik’s cobblestone streets? Even though the movie shows jaw-dropping locations across the universe, be sure that Canto Bight will be the most wonderful sight!


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Find out why Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth extended their stay Vis Island after the shooting was over. Was it because of the Mediterranean spirit, friendly local people, mysteriousness of Blue Cave or peaceful and secluded bays where one can get away from it all?


James Bond?

There is a rumor that Dubrovnik has stolen the heart of the world’s most famous spy. However, his adventures in a movie “From Russia With Love” had already taken him to Zagreb in 1963. Rumor or not, Croatian coast is surely on 007’s bucket list and it’s a dream destination you can totally…Bond to.

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