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Wine & Dine

Eat & drink your way through Croatia

by Dražen

Bizarre foods

With yacky names, but yummy taste – these traditional meals are weird local delicacies!



A typical dish on Brač Island, vitalac is a good contender for a weird food award! Skewers made of baby goat or lamb’s entrails (lungs, liver, spleen) are wrapped in caul fat and spit-roasted, served with warm bread and green onions. Sounds yummy?



Hollow stones covered with algae and tiny crabs taken from the depth of 20 to 30 m are cooked with white wine, olive oil, onions, garlic, parsley and celery to create an authentic fisherman's soup that everyone absolutely loves. This confirms that everything we find in the depths of the Adriatic can be turned into a delicacy!



Edible dormouse is a traditional peasant dish and dormouse trapping is an important local event! In Croatia, particularly on the islands of Hvar and Brač, the dormice are grilled over an open flame and served on bread. They can be difficult to find and require a trip off the beaten path but are well worth the effort!



Samaštrani jezik is an old Croatian dish originating from Split. It's prepared with fresh beef tongue with a mixture of salt, coriander and garlic and then left pressed under a weight for few days. The tongue is then thinly sliced and served cold, usually on festive days like Christmas and New Year's Eve.



The most popular local froggy dishes are fried frogs, grilled frogs with prosciutto, frog risotto and mixed broth (eel and frog broth). Even though they used to be considered a staple of the poor, today frogs make a delicacy and are served often in top local restaurants!

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