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Wine & Dine

Eat & drink your way through Croatia

by Dea

Delicious Croatian food you absolutely must try


Famous but oh-so-simple “peka” means merely putting various meats and veggies under the iron bell. Lamb, chicken, veal or even octopus with some assorted vegetables make an absolute delicacy when slow cooked for hours under the peka.



Istrian truffles live up to the hyperbole: rich, nutty and distinctively musky-flavored, they’re a huge source of pride in the region. True connoisseurs don’t miss the traditional Weekend of Istrian truffles held in November in the small hilltop town of Buzet.



Known as the aphrodisiac since the Roman times, Adriatic oysters are mostly grown in Mali Ston bay on Pelješac peninsula. Succulent and luscious, they are every foodie’s dream. There’s even an oyster festival in Ston held every March in celebration of this marine delicacy!



This hard sheep’s milk cheese is delicious and uniquely flavored thanks to Pag Island’s salt production center. Intense winds spread the salt dust onto the vegetation and that’s why true Pag cheese can come only from the sheep raised on the island.



A simple dish made of plain flour, water, dash of salt and a splash of olive oil, filled with chard, is a specialty of Dalmatian countryside. Dating from the Middle Ages, its original recipe resisted the flow of centuries and has been recently protected by the UNESCO!



A slow cooked fish casserole brudet is combining mixed fish, onion, tomato, wine and herbs, served with polenta. Locals on Hvar Island even have their own version of this culinary harmony – gregada – which uses fish, potato, onion and white wine.



A basic dish of mussels or shrimp in a wine broth with garlic and breadcrumbs is much-loved all along the Croatian coast. Ideal for a light summer luncheon!



Made with top round of rump steak and served with fluffy gnocchi, pašticada is a special occasions meal. The meat is first marinated overnight in vinegar, garlic, cloves and bacon and then cooked with onions, parsley root, nutmeg and prunes, with a splash of prosecco to add extra flavor.



Tasty Croatian ham is made of skinned pork leg, dry salted and seasoned with the best local spices. Pršut or prosciutto is aged for at least 12 months and it is a favorite delicacy on every festive table!



Adored across Croatia’s continental north, štrukli is a traditional dish made of dough and various types of fillings. It can be sweet or salty, which makes it a perfect comfort food!

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