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Feast for trivia buffs

by Tihana

Croatian stamp in the Guinness book of records

The largest necktie

As a proud home of necktie, Croatia entered the Guinness book of records in 2003 by tying the largest necktie around the Roman Amphitheatre in Pula! At the end it was 808 m (2650 ft) long, and it took five full days for the Academia Cravatica Organisation to complete it.


Largest cup of cappuccino

Whoever visited Croatia knows how important coffee culture is for the locals. When Julius Meinl Coffee Company hosted a 2012 event in Zagreb, 2012 litres of cappuccino were filled in a giant cup of coffee at Jelačić main square. What a way to celebrate local coffee culture!


Fastest quarter mile by electric car

Mate Rimac, owner of the Rimac Electric Car Company, took 11.850 seconds to complete ¼ mile. In 2012 at ETC Velika Gorica, Rimac was driving a modified BMW M3 equipped with a 440 Kw electric motor at a speed of 122.23 km/h (75.95 mph)!


Longest open-sea swim

It took 50 hours and 10 minutes for Split's native Veljko Rogošić to swim 225 kilometers (139.8 miles) across the Adriatic Sea from Grado to Riccione. This is the longest distance ever swum without flippers in the open sea!


Most aces served in a Davis Cup Match

In 2009 in Poreč Ivo Karlović served 78 aces in his match against Radek Stepanek. This holds a record as a most aces served in a Davis Cup Match ever!

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