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by Željka

Croatian sensation!

When you think of Croatia, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is “beautiful country with numerous islands”. Well, that’s true! But once you scratch the surface, you’ll find out Croatia is so much more… Here is our selection of local sensations that will entice your mind!


Legendary chef & TV presenter Anthony Bourdain once called himself an idiot for not discovering Croatian cuisine earlier! His “No Reservations” Croatian episode was filmed in 2012 in Istria, Zadar, Pag and on Kornati Islands.


Tiny village of Smiljan in mountainous Croatia is the birthplace of Nikola Tesla – a genius inventor and visionary to whom we own the invention of electricity!


Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night was set in Dalmatia; and this charming coastal region is also home to the cute dog breed of the Dalmatian!


Istrian historic town of Pula boasts the 1st century Roman Amphitheatre, wonderfully preserved, the only one in the world with all 3 rows intact!


Famous Alfred Hitchcock proclaimed Zadar’s sunset the most beautiful in the world and today you can enjoy it over the world’s first pipe organ played by the sea!


Bustling coastal metropolis of Split is home to the largest number of Olympic and world medalists per capita!


An important archaeological site and a birthplace of two Roman emperors, little-known Slavonian town of Vinkovci, was made famous in the Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express”.


The richest collection of Neanderthal people in the world (over 900 fossil bones!) was discovered in picturesque Zagorje region, Zagreb countryside.

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